The Marriage of Arty Minds

She knows who you are…

As she controls the machine, the road and my path for this brief period of time, she explains to me:

She warns me about your beauty
As if I had not experienced this breathtaking masterpiece firsthand
She marvels at your posture
Your gaze
Your contours
She offers only words of caution

Beware the passion of those married to art
their souls drown in the essence of their imagination and the products thereof

Beware the vigor of those married to art
Their craving consumes,
Intoxicates reason and leaves you only to feel
Like a madman…
A curbed cannibal feeding off sense and mystery

I wish I had stayed only a while longer
To force a moment of staring into your being
To cradle the core you shelter with only a motion
A facial expression to distract the eyes I disguise in only this too familiar way – I see you

She drives faster
Her lover engulfed in their trust
She keeps warning
Yet all I want is a little hope
A possible us

Beware! (I think to myself)
I am of those who are married to art
I might just understand you
I might just love you from the end and back to our start.

As all marriages go
My commitment is eternal and pure
I imagine her
I imagine her lover
The car and the highway too


This marriage alone could have never imagined you

They Sleep

No sleep

Somewhere in the crooked spots unseen she melts, cradles and cleans
Those bits of her that remain haunted
Stalked by:
What could be insanity, but

Is it?

No sleep

Her body no longer controlled
Maneuvers its way in confused motions around the breadth of her bed
Heat rising
Not arousing
She stares out of the window at Sky and dreams awake

She dreams
Of being asleep in the moment of bliss
In the absence of kisses
Replaced by an embrace
Lacking tenderness in ways, yet
Reassuring her that
Dreams happen not only when we are asleep

She sleeps

In waking terror
Running ever toward the place of
Darkened snow where
She waits for her
In a dream of her
And her
With her

Eye-lids close
Others open


The last,
Haunting sentence before they both vanish:

“We’re here at last!”salome