Dreaming the unkown

Sleep evades her as she intently focuses on the shadows beyond these. That space where breath exhaled by the other was measured in precious life! An undisclosed intention without direction or rein. A wild manifesto of things beyond our grasp in the shape of lips, hips, chests, and things… She scooped up the remnants of illustrated heartbreak and discovered entirety… She saw things that made her anatomy weep with yearning. She could smell desire close-in on her, just as the pretty darkness closes in on lies at sunset. Tumbling across borderlands and strangers she assumed a mindless thought… Hopes of the two of them, on a breezy summer’s night in the rain-drop scented atmosphere. They would explore one another… Quickly learning about the undeniable… The feeling that does not ask… sees no reason, asks no questions and tells no lies. A gentle leaping of souls as the same motion between two bodies expresses in subtle breath rhythms – symphony. This illusion of perfection exists upon darkness’ arrival. She looks into the shadow and sees the layers, barriers, and spaces between your thoughts and mine…although at times when the jester guards around your being are left unhonoured – she connects us all over again, in precious milliseconds of displayed information… Your cryptic thoughts and the blunt honesty of my own. Sleep begins to tread towards my eye-lids… Landing successfully too soon, once again leaving me in wonders… In essence, all she really wanted was to tell stories of your thoughts… To lay sleep on me with the worlds within you.

Wet Death

It didn’t feel like death; true – the rocks felt fatal as my skin connected to their wet, algae-covered solidity. It felt as a sort of metaphor… The kind of link between dimensions, between gods. The hallucinations never really ceased either in the space between the living and the immortal. First my ribs cracked in such a way, that the sound sounded like an echo under water. My nails scratched off my halved fingertips. Still it was more bliss than pain… More harmony than chaos… More darkness than light and more good in the dark. It didn’t Water liliesfeel like death or anything like the untruths i had more than heard enough of… It felt like life… The cycle… I had felt that way before… Trapped and smitten, forgotten…bewildered.Ending. Only this time i would not rise from my comfortable lair.I would wait, still as silence and i would breath out truths that billions of modern liars could not mask. I would rot at the pit of bliss and whisper to all curious. As waves do to sea-shells.


You slipped into the palm of my hand at an opportune moment where fate and desire conspired to tear us apart.
There were fire flies there in the depths of your hair where snippets later I surrendered myself, losing more than I could have afforded to give.

As a monster would perish at the slightest of softness in calm and weathered down storms, your inner resemblance of my first impression,
Scented my soul with the comfort of home.

Years passing us swiftly have drained us completely of knowledge we may have had of each other and ‘us’… A world of corruption, of lies and the game rings… This world left us only with lust.

You slipped into the palm of my hand at an opportune moment where fate and desire conspired to tear us apart.
You crafted me into a small ornament which sits on a shelf in a dream… Of possible moments where I could have convinced you – that I was more than you’d allow me to show. I reached for your eyes but they were closed in despair and banishing me to the mercy of the world; you cried out in surrender, innocence you chose not to remember wrapped in kisses…in yearning for love.

I held your face gently once
With regret I confessed the sin of my heart
That I dared to dream of my peasant soul with nobility was not enough

Raggedy smells of ruined complexions reached out for serendipity’s lips
You showed me cruelty and in the same breath the passion and nobility one would require to love.

You slipped into the palm of my hand at an opportune moment where fate and desire conspired to tear us apart.
Now walk on freely as I see the truth clearly… The truth of where my path of love ended and yours just begun.