Dreaming the unkown

Sleep evades her as she intently focuses on the shadows beyond these. That space where breath exhaled by the other was measured in precious life! An undisclosed intention without direction or rein. A wild manifesto of things beyond our grasp in the shape of lips, hips, chests, and things… She scooped up the remnants of illustrated heartbreak and discovered entirety… She saw things that made her anatomy weep with yearning. She could smell desire close-in on her, just as the pretty darkness closes in on lies at sunset. Tumbling across borderlands and strangers she assumed a mindless thought… Hopes of the two of them, on a breezy summer’s night in the rain-drop scented atmosphere. They would explore one another… Quickly learning about the undeniable… The feeling that does not ask… sees no reason, asks no questions and tells no lies. A gentle leaping of souls as the same motion between two bodies expresses in subtle breath rhythms – symphony. This illusion of perfection exists upon darkness’ arrival. She looks into the shadow and sees the layers, barriers, and spaces between your thoughts and mine…although at times when the jester guards around your being are left unhonoured – she connects us all over again, in precious milliseconds of displayed information… Your cryptic thoughts and the blunt honesty of my own. Sleep begins to tread towards my eye-lids… Landing successfully too soon, once again leaving me in wonders… In essence, all she really wanted was to tell stories of your thoughts… To lay sleep on me with the worlds within you.

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