Before We Reach Home

6771333201_42a4d43520_bOver the hills and far away a whisper shifts the boundaries of what is perceived as impossible. Beyond the visible a shadow bursts with fragrances and colors. The kingdoms of ignorance begin to falter and touch is appreciated beyond the sexual encounters of unsuspecting minds. The meaning of life morphs into the experience of otherwise unfamiliar train trips. The blending boom booms of swaying railways and steam that is no longer relevant… The coals that have burned to their extremity and are now nothing more than a memory in the form of dark-grey ash remnants.

Where is the real green?
Not force-fed with chemicals and selfish intentions, but rather with the natural state of life-giving love.

The cycles and circles of being, extend ahead of us, they do not wait, question or doubt. There are mirrors of failure where manifested ideas took form and became concrete and cables.

We are unfinished puzzles.
We are misunderstood and misunderstanding. We are everything we refuse to accept about ourselves. The dark half of existence, untrained in the fields of innocence and care.

Dig out the bones of those who came before us and failed to live, just as we are bound to fail in life…unless we gather the great goblets of sheltered shame and begin to see beyond the tips of our noses

What is a tear drop?
When the skies cry in frustration we bathe and dance in their grief with sadistically pasted smiles on our faces. Could we begin to unravel the secrets of ancient times by delving deeper into technologically advanced pieces of plastic or does the answer really just wait in the essence of our souls?
One mind, one soul, one body and spirit; that’s what we were intended to be, instead we draw boundaries between what is Earth and what is Us. We even divide ourselves from one another, believing that equality is delusion.

When a wolf visits you in a dream repeatedly and gracefully carries you in his belly, when YOU can feel the gravel, stones, sticks and grass beneath YOUR paws. Who is delusional then?
We are everywhere and nowhere at all. We are the center and ending of our own reality.

Our own is never singular… MY own is YOUR own, THEIR own… Without a shadow of a doubt.

So let the darkness eat you up, but learn to breathe and love it for what it is: a state of perfection.

I am responsible

A wolf steps through a pack of foreign wolves… She’s on their land. She is powerless and weak, everyone else can see it but she seems to have missed it.

This pack of wolves is dominated by males, and they feel obligated to claim their newcomer. After all re-production is the only point of a wolf’s existence. Two wolves momentarily split away from the pack and pounce onto the she-wolf that walked onto their territory.

However despite what the other wolves saw in her, she dodged and counter-attacked so quickly that in a breath one could have believed that the attack never happened before she turned and walked on elegantly as when she first stepped onto the land.

Perhaps we need to embrace that within us… We are elegant and no matter the challenges we are more than what people see in us. Difficulty is only there because we allow for it.
The most important thing is to realize how perfect and beautiful we are as flawed as we might be. Nothing’s impossible, nothing’s kept from us – we are only afraid to see it, because with knowledge comes responsibility.
We are afraid to see the truth, the consequences.

Because if we do not believe that we are the masters of our universe, no one will ever have to be responsible. There will always be someone or something else to blame.

It’s time to rise!
To accept our magnificence and begin the revolution.

Wake up…
Wake up Neo!
The matrix has you