Druidry and Prayer – A Review

It is just before midnight in a small, stuffy, but comfortable enough room to feel like home and I certainly am not fully aware of what I am writing; I find this is the best time to actually take it on. In my previous blog post: Experiencing The Storm I had only begun reading a book which in a matter of moments helped change my outlook on life.
I wanted to write the review in a formal manner, I  was going to research and practice until I felt I knew how best to write this (as if any formality or craftsmanship could ever do this piece justice).
When it comes to Nimue Brown’s work (the bits I have  been fortunate enough to read) I feel like a sort of groupie, never having anything but amazing things to not only say, but also feel.

‘Hello! Would it be so wrong of me to say, that I dislike religion to such an extent that I get nauseous just reading the word?’

Druidry and Prayer is not a self help book (because I cannot stomach those)… neither is it your conventional guide to being spiritual (those taste like cardboard in my mind) – it is the calming tablet for an uneasy mind…

The uneasy mind which loses sleep more often than not, because the ignorance of the world and its politics drives it to a point of maddening anger; because life is shit and there definitely would be no comfort in performing a mindless hand-me-down ritual of a religion that is filthier than the most neglected sewerage place thingy.

What I appreciate most about this book is that right in the beginning we are soothed and our doubts as to, whether or not we made a mistake opening the book  are erased as we are taken through the context of otherwise sickening words… for example,
‘ Religion: For me a religion is a formal and proscribed social structure with functions that can be understood entirely in social and psychological terms. ‘
Had this not been part of the book, I probably would have not carried on much further with it.
‘Talking about Gods’ in itself helps broaden your perspective and prepares you for an easy to swallow reality check.

I could ramble on about all the bits of the book that resonated and the bits I am certain will have an effect on any and every person who does read it all the way through, but why spoil this magical journey for the rest of you?

‘Dear whatever is out there, I climbed out of my self made grave because you threw at me a thing I would have never imagined could exist.’

Let’s forget all we have been spoon-fed, let’s work on the magic within ourselves and in the process empower those around us who need it most.

If there is one book I would say is a necessity to have read; Druidry and Prayer by Nimue Brown would be it. I’d have someone read it to me when the time comes and I begin chasing the white light – really… I would.


No Title Would Suffice

1 Fox – 31 January 2015

Miracles happened the night Amanda Palmer rose like a phoenix out from under the cramped, cripples of sweaty armpits barely poised in waves of hysteria. I have never been a kiss-ass so let me be honest about where I stood in this scenario. Having always been a frantic Neil Gaiman fan I figured it wouldn’t hurt to witness the talent of the woman so loved by not only him but her fans as well. My lovely girlfriend had announced to me about 10 days prior that whatever plans we had for the 30th were now cancelled because Amanda Palmer was going to be performing and apart from thinking how disgustingly romantic the whole thing was to me… I must admit I did have those inexplicable butterflies of premonition.

1044455_637239739720994_360263404745826093_nHaving arrived at 15:00 to wait in line behind the personages that are her fans, one (although ordinary and unable to have the privilege of interviewing Amanda herself) could paint a portrait much more colorful and pleasant than that of many so called ‘super stars.’ The 28th of January was a house party held by none other than hers truly for the more dedicated of her SA fans and by the sound of it (which made me more hungry and grumpy than I already was at that point) there were a lot of rusks… There’s something wonderful about knowing that your rusks given as a gift would not be insulting to the receiver but on the contrary; appreciated immensely.

So there I was: staring at the empty space and looking at the microphone being totally clueless about what Amanda Palmer’s music was about; I kept nudging my girlfriend and moaning about how I desperately wished Neil Gaiman would have accompanied his wife so that my hungry eyes could stare in awe at both of them. Soon we engaged in conversations about creating… she mostly listened to me (as admittedly she does 95% of our relationship) and we got lost, in among all the good smells of Balkan Burgers,wine and all types of creatives.

1920485_638001532978148_786165877954101770_nThe bubble wrap to the left was actually in the shape of an Octopus, it was one of the great distractions to Amanda’s Grand Entree and it also was a gigantic fanning device. To me though, the Festival style Dragon, the butterfly Man and the rest of the creepy crowd crawlies ; reminded me of Mirror Mask – Written by Neil Gaiman and Designed by Dave McKean. So that’s how it began for me, comparing every little detail of the night to every little detail I’ve seen in Neil’s work. Now I am not an engaged fan, but from that night I vowed to change that. As I watched and listened to her perform Creep by Radiohead on her ukulele, I felt my soul drift off into a space that I had previously not been able to reach but always yearned for.

10440274_638001392978162_5213238944561282047_nI could rant on for eons about the atmosphere and genuine mastery of the evening. I could pretend that I know all about her musical history… truth is I don’t know much about any of that, only that we were all at the right place at the right time, and none of us will ever forget what the map of Tasmania looks like… we won’t forget that a woman needs not shave their own in order to be feminine or acceptable and in truth we should all know that we are exactly the people we have wanted to be. Her passion is fearsome, her playing the keyboard was at times so fast that I really struggled to take a decent photo. Not only does she accept rusks for presents, Amanda also played the keyboard standing the entire night and although that may not seem like a big deal I was close enough to witness the little physical evidences of her fatigue.

1797513_638000076311627_6251495066725619534_nSo my pledge is that when Amanda (this time with Neil) decides to visit us again, I will share it with you as soon as I read it, also that I will learn the lyrics to her songs so that I too may scream my heart out, and last but not least I pledge to be a less grumpy girlfriend who listens more and speaks less and who trusts her girlfriends judgement because clearly; she couldn’t ever be wrong.

Thank you for sharing the night with us Amanda, South Africa as a whole benefited from the magic you  spread that evening, thank you to all my readers. This is it for tonight : Iva10425146_638001639644804_8200265462630371444_n