Florence + My Heart Machine

‘ And oh my love remind me; what was it that I said’

I can’t find it – the virtual piece of you that found me so very long ago – what kind of person loves like this. what kind of woman.

Searching desperately through the URL of your heart, trying so hard to find a piece of what drove me toward you – looking for comments of faith and her snickering sarcasts.

The few worded paragraphs screaming out to me and into me as my eyes lock on to your words – shyly intended to reach a few souls and your hope was that I would be out there somewhere and read it : and there I was; here I am again!

I am reaching for you too

I am searching

I will cross as many borders as I must , just to know what your voice sounds like – I imagine how you would look at me when you’re sulking or when you are trying my patience.

This is my personal advert; I hope that you will stumble upon this page someday and read this as I read you…

I collect URL sentences in a book

I collect as many bits of you as I can find

I am fighting against distance and time

To get to hold you someday

to kiss you

to know that if I really were to see you

You would be graceful enough to stay

stay with me a second – and if indifference prevails

I will encourage you to run away.

7 Devils haunt my dreams

7 Devils and one S’aint

Florence found me again

I was searching for you

and although you may not want to accept it

I know

In your own way

You’re searching for me too

For K.


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