One day, baby, we’ll be old – slam by Julia Engelmann (in German and translated into English)

While I am working towards amazing things: Here’s some beauty to celebrate this beautiful day ❤ Canis-Lupus

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A few of my German friends shared a video of Julia Engelmann (video embedded at the bottom or clickhere)who ‘slammed’ at the Bielefelder Hörsaal-Slam (Campus TV 2013). I was so touched by what she said that I gotgoosebumpsand decided to transcribe and thentranslate her text. (I wrote out some words in their ‘correct German version’ which Julia shortened to make it flow.)

mein (Julia’s) Text heißt ‘one day/reckoning text’ orientiert sich an einem Remix den ihr vielleicht kennt: One day baby we’ll be old, old baby we’ll be old and think of all the stories that we could have told’. My text is called ‘one day/reckoning text’, in reference to a remix you might know: One day baby we’ll be old, old baby we’ll be old and think of all the stories that we could have told’. …
Eines Tages, Baby, werden wir alt sein,oh Baby…

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Well done!

You have successfully taken the first step to truly improving your state of being, and as cliche as it may sound: there is nothing in the world that can or will change if you are not willing to take responsibility for your life.

Let me start off with explaining a bit about being part of the Black Eyed Wolves community; it’s a passion! If you remember nothing else about this space, it will suffice to know that if your passion is in check (even though it may need a little spark) then you will do just fine with us.

Alright now secondly: I have no intention to be politically or religiously correct – what does that mean?

It does not interest me what your beliefs, skin-color, religion or gender you are or think you are – I will communicate with you as if I am communicating with my inner self; without a filter and without sparing any harsh truths. My aim is to try (even if on a minimal scale) improve the state in which we are and which we have projected on to our Earth as whole.

A wise person once said to me that we do not need six degrees to be teachers, healers or anything we have ever dreamed of becoming, so here it is: WE ARE ALL LOST AND IT IS GREAT!


Because this means we now have one of two choices; sit back and keep moaning and complaining about how shitty our circumstances are, how corrupt our government is, how little nutrition there is on the shelves in shops these days, how racism is terrible, how people are mean … OR… we could take responsibility for our own lives and actions and the way we treat not just one another, but also our surroundings, the animals we encounter/own(here I must add that I dislike having to use that word to describe the relationship, between a human and the animal that lives with the human)/ work with… the trees with staples through their barks that we just walk past, the disgusting amount of litter around us… our depression… our bodies… our minds and souls – there should be no one else held accountable for those things but YOU.

Yes I am a hypocrite. Up until a few days ago I was still moaning about my circumstances… the only thing running through my mind was; “I hate my surroundings, I hate my circumstances!”. I felt sorry for myself and found 101 excuses why there was nothing I could do to improve my own life. So it carried on; day in and day out I pretended to like my job, because well a job was better than no job and in the meantime I became more and more miserable, snappy and just all round unpleasant. We may not realize it, but we’re all that painfully negative most of the time too… so I got up the one morning after exploring forests in a different shape and mind, and I thought that there is no reason why a human cannot attain the peaceful, quiet determination of a wolf or a bear or a dragon (although they are not of the most silent creatures); but whichever works for you – and even if you don’t believe in that side of things then ponder on what is actually stopping you from being the best person you can be?


Realizing that, I set out to go for a run… but a real run; the kind of run that makes your heart and soul clench and brings tears forth by the end of it because you now broke the boundary that you had subconsciously set for yourself: it is commonly known as; ‘ I cannot ‘.


There is absolutely nothing in this world that YOU cannot do. Nothing. I need you to try and wrap your brains around this concept. Your own mind is the only barrier keeping you from real development (and I know that you’ve heard this before) which is why Black eyed Wolves will be a series of practical lessons or rather demonstrations with a lot of interaction between you and you and well ultimately you.

My invitation to you is to get up right now and go outside and climb that tree you know you cannot climb, put on your running shoes and run to your friend and apologize for the fight you had the other night, excuse yourself for an hour and go run as fast as you can around the block; but whatever you do keep going… you do not have to be the strongest or fastest but you need to push yourself… and tomorrow when you knock your toe against the couch leg and you spill coffee all over your dress and your boss moans at you and your spouse threatens to leave: OWN YOUR PAIN, harness it, but whatever you do , DO NOT allow your pain to own you. Instead go out and do something you never thought you were capable of doing, push yourself but most importantly : believe in yourself. Stop being afraid of being the best you can be simply because it is scarier than being average.

I am sending my heart out to each of you:

Now get up

Do it



You are never alone.

All my love


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Consciousness Evolution Kymatica (the foundation)

‘Evolution –

is a term to define only one organism, and that is the self.

The self is the Universe, the self is the Alpha and Omega, God, and Infinity.

And that’s the only thing that evolves, because we’re all part of the self.

Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone or without direct benefit to the whole.

So when you begin to think that there’s this controlling elite, this controlling hand behind the curtain leading the planet to destruction, when you think the end is near, the Apocalypse, Armageddon, and when you think we as a species are doomed…

It is not THEY, it is YOU that brought this about.

And for a very good reason…

You are evolving.

Stop blaming everybody and everything else!!

Quit panicking about global tyranny and natural disaster and Pay Attention!

Because the world is telling you something, it’s telling you exactly what is wrong with you and how to fix it.’

‘The Earth is believed to have formed 4.6 billion years ago.

Within the first 150 million years, it began cooling and releasing gasses from the lithosphere which created the earliest forms of the earth’s atmosphere. Prior to the creation of this atmosphere, the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation made for uninhabitable conditions but as the Earth cooled further water condensed in the atmosphere and oxygen accumulated making way for organic compounds.

This spawned single-celled organisms and then plant-life. And down through time, the evolutionary chain continued, and we arrive at a species that does not seem to fit as well as the rest…

Homosapian’s gestation period of 9 months mimics the 3.8 billion years evolution of all life on Earth.

The human embryo repeats the evolution of all species.

When the sperm and egg unite the new creation is a single-celled organism. Within hours, this single cell divides and multiplies more rapidly than any other species.

4 weeks later, the embryo begins to develop gills mimicking aquatic life.

A few weeks later it develops lungs and a tail with reptilian appearance.

From there, a mammal is recognizable, and then on to a primate form.

It then sheds its lacuna which is the embryonic fur.

And at last, shows the characteristics of a human child.

The human body is a community of approximately 50 trillion cells.

Everything the body does, the cell does as well.

Cells have respiratory and expiratory systems, they feed, feel, think, and communicate with other cells.

Trillions of cells make up a single organism called the human body and billions of human bodies help make up the organism we call Earth.

The earth has more similarities with the human anatomy than you may think.

Earth has its own electromagnetic generation just like the human body.

Research has found that a direct current of electricity flows through perineural cells found around every nerve on the body. These pathways are called energy meridians and have been used in the practice of acupuncture for at least 2000 years.

Dating even further back is the notion of Dragon Paths or Ley Lines in which many megalithic structures and stone monuments were erected marking the energy meridians of the Earth. These energy meridians are generated by the resonant frequencies of the Earth called the Schumann Waves.

Each planetary body has its own resonant frequencies and is determined by the circumference and diameter

as well as the speed of orbit and rotation.

The Earth’s resonant frequency starts at 7.83 Hz …

7.8 Hz · 13.7 Hz · 19.6 Hz · 25.5 Hz · 31.4 Hz · 37.3 Hz · 43.2 Hz

… and ends with the 7th harmonica at 43.2 Hz correlating with the 7 chakras.

Ultimately, the greatest discovery of our Earth is its consciousness.

A visible attribute of consciousness is an energetic field that governs the shaping of organisms.

Morphogenesis is a scientific term to explain this very shaping of tissues, organs, and entire organisms.

Consciousness is the creative force of the entire universe.

It has been given many names, such as God, Yahweh, Krishna, Nature, The Field, and Divinity.

The entire universe is in fact a single living conscious organism with complete awareness of itself.

The reason why it may seem difficult to comprehend this is because our understanding is typically limited by our language. When we hear the term “Conscious Organism” we tend to anthropomorphize its definition by giving it human qualities we mistakenly look past what an organism truly is in the first place.

The definition of an Organism, is any living thing capable of response to stimuli, reproduction, growth and development, and maintenance of homeostasis as a stable whole.

 Our universe does all of these things.

The consciousness of our universe is responsible for the form and purpose that all matter assumes.

The Earth’s resonant frequencies are a result of its form. These frequencies are responsible for biological rhythms such as menstrual and circadian cycles as well as behavioral and emotional patterns. The frequencies are then picked up by the flora and fauna which are biological instruments that respond to the wave patterns.

The wave patterns resonate in the cranial structure of our head and converge in the center of our brain which is where we find the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is believed in many cultures to be the spiritual third eye responsible for intuition. Descartes called it “The Seat of the Soul” where mind and body meet.

Each individual cell in our body receives an electromagnetic impulse from our central nervous system. They receive the very same impulse that was disseminated to every biological instrument from the Earth.

An explanation of our conscious universe has been attempted by religion, science, and philosophy.

The neglect of biological nature from any organism causes illness… (*Note from Canis-Lupus: This is where we will connect physical well-being with spiritual well-being.)

A divorce from nature, exile from Eden, confounding of tongues, they’re all symptoms, not of a biblical God or Deity – but the true self.

The greatest and only treat to ourselves is a loss of self, the death of our divinity.

As we bare through history with oceans of information, 

yet barely a drop of wisdom,

we have to understand,

how we lost our self…’


Tomorrow’s blog will focus on why and how this is the very foundation of what Black Eyed Wolves is about.

Much love


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Black Eyed Wolf

Today is Bornforcopper’s 3rd Birthday.

It sincerely does not feel like I have been writing as much the past while and it clearly shows in my stats. I must thank all of my readers though, for their consistency in reading my posts. A constant of about 1 000 views/year is a pleasant surprise, although I would really like to know which of you truly feel like a part of this chaotic blog.

Initially I was going to research the rarity of a black eyed wolf; in fact – according to net stats; no such wolves exist (except for werewolves of course). The last while I have been fortunate enough to learn so much from so many different sources… Nimue Brown and her Druid Life blog should probably take most of the credit, and of course Moon Books for their wonderful choice of Books and the opportunity to read and review treasures still to be discovered by the rest of the world: It feels truly amazing to be able to work within this community of relative connection and understanding. To Penton SA and Damon’s hard work – I take my beanie off to you since I do not own a hat.

The point is that while working through the rubbish to find the real stuff, I have begun to really understand what wolves must feel like while hunting. I feel like a spiritual hunter for truth; (here I would have said that nonsense reeks and that anyone would be able to deny it, but unfortunately closed-minded ignorance is very much a part of this seemingly beautiful world.)

Working with people and their goals as of late, I have begun to realize that it really should be a temporary thing trying to improve the state of Homo Sapiens as it is almost as impossible as finding a black eyed wolf…

Yet here I am; with eyes darker than what most people are accustomed to – humans are majorly subject to change character according to their surroundings and circumstances (sorry fellow Geminians ; we are not the only ones with that magical ability)… therefore I believe in the inherently good nature of humans. As long as one is willing to strip themselves down to the core and begin to find out where they are rooted; as long as one is willing to accept responsibility and not be disheartened by the truth: I believe that true evolution need not be just a dream.

I therefore have created a group which will aim to focus on all the good things and also the areas in which we could all improve! I urge all my followers and readers to visit and get involved with little bits in whichever areas interest them. Remember this is to try strip down the bad stuff and focus on the good stuff.

Thank you again for supporting me for the last 3 years and I am looking forward to 3 more.

All my love


Poison Pen Letters To Myself (and John) Review

All credit goes to Romany Rivers whose undeniable talent inspired this piece. Thank you kindly.

Dear John

Before Bedtime I stumbled upon a magical piece of Unconscious Creativity.
Each Question felt like The Pulling of My Faith…
Uncertain I kept Passing Through ancient lands;

their Once Upon A Time… threw me into Scrying for a little piece of what potential may have still been possible for me…

On Reflection
The Moral Masquerade coats my layers of Hate, of Fat Happy Pre-packaged Dreams,  and with these Musings of Undine spirits and matters of Red Letters… I will Return To Sender or Keep Searching for
The Freak
That only Home
My Addressee Unknown

Smiling Again
I keep swiping through each page of the only bits of Hope for Our Millenium in the form of skilfully composed sentences… and I Pray for Dedication Beyond Tomorrow from every Universal Self in order to eliminate possibilities of such Remote Suicide With This Light that touches even the Deep scars of Primal Torture that should by now be dead, but instaed lay dormant inside the Lake of Unshed.

I left some Brandy for Brian out on the counter last night…
John; I wish that you have stopped being Bitter.
If you could see this Vale of Tears
This Desert Tongue that faithfully fails me Without A Trace of Stitches…
Then I would look at you through Blind Eyes
These words would include you in a cosmic Tribe
And each night before you Sleep
Green Upon Black Destiny
Will bless you with no Infernal layers of despair; only contented comfortable butterflies being born in the pit of your stomach…

Yet your eyes refuse to read or see
Never Mind

Prove Your Point (carry on)