Between Galaxies And Spaceships

There are blissful cradles

In  the spaces that fill

The gap between our beings

In those instances when fiction becomes reality

It is instinctive

The need to calm a volcano with our

Imaginary seas

There are galaxies within beings

Stars protruding in a three-D sort of way

Contribute to the glamour

The mask we apply in the sunlight

Only to welcome the moon in its removal

Only simplicity brings peace in the vast abyss

Seek not to build a galaxy

Do you not know there is comfort where there are spaceships?

Lullaby! (To Dad)

Dear dad!
I miss you.

It’s been a while and I know it’s my fault mainly
I really should write to you more often
You speak to me in a way that no one else knows
Like the chirping of the bird outside my window while my stone heart begins to waken
And it is pain at first
And hopelessness
But then a spark of life happens in my wolfy veins
That is barely noticeable enough at first
Then day after day you whisper breezes of wind in return of the scorching memories and fears…

Years have passed since I truly felt like a weaver of words;
I knew I died then
Perhaps with you – is it beautiful to finally be a part of everything again?
Do you miss her?
Whoever she was…
I think your love for her inspired me so that I could not help but fall in love with that planet; a woman!
The galaxies of female curves I have seen
Left me broken dead and empty.

I am much better now though
I’m learning to forgive
To let go of the things I cannot change
I think I’m learning how to live.

Are you proud of me?
I still feel like your little girl.
I have written so much just tonight only to avoid telling you for the first and only time : I am hurt

Hurt but still breathing
Crippled but healing
With every cell in me that yearns to be
Someone worthy

Tomorrow I will continue my quest and I will fail a little less at disproving the impossible
And fail a little less again the following day
Until impossible is nothing

Because I think not even you believed in what you chased
Not even you could dream that big
Oh but you insisted that I learn
And so I did

I dream a little less these days
I focus on success
Not in material value though I’m sorry; I’m quite alright with just being me
But I succeed a little more each day
I manage to keep me complete.

I have started learning how to be brave
And yes
Yes dad, she’s teaching me.

That nothing is ever really worth it unless it hurts a little at least!

Believing In Storms

If heaven exists
Does it know that you rain?
Like falling, scattered stars
I had wished upon in lost and quiet nights

If heaven has a name
Could I call it by yours?
Could I hold you
Like clouds cradling the secrets of our existence?

If hell were inevitable for me
Would you use your tears
To calm the scorching flames?
Could I call on heaven for mercy
By calling out your name?

Would you reign the rain clouds?
Would you save me?
Slave me baby, but… don’t play me
For Juggler’s luck
Is only temporary and
Fickle fingers frighten fast
when a temple faces danger then
My heart puts up eager walls
As well as unshakeable bars
Post an outburst of anger.

Neither heaven nor hell exists
Would you help me build a Kingdom?
Will you plant gardens with my hands?
Would you be brave enough to stay?
To face the storms
Would you take your final breath with me?