Imagery (to an old friend I thought I had completely forgotten)

There are days when I look around and see nothing
Nothing but the lonely gaps between our plain white blinds
The dust on the office drawers
The empty seat right next to me

Sometimes I drift away and wonder about you
I wonder what you’re thinking
What face are you wearing today?
Is it mine?
The one that melts away my towers and bars…

Do you smile as you indulge in a stolen cup of coffee
In the midst of the race to finish off what you started
Do you remember me?
Standing behind you
Bathing you in me with my breath and whisper…

Do you remember us
Exchanging theories on whispers
The cuddles of the dark?

It takes only a moment

One thought preceding hundreds
That of your automatic smile
When sleepy lips contact your cheek
Erases wonders, doubt, the delayed sulk

It reminds me of the scent
The beauty of the moment
When I first heard the song you sang to me
the chords that brought me back to life, safely
back to sanity

The only way to love anything
Is to realize that it may be lost