High Wells

They swirl down the forests of our demons

Mine in priest cloaks

Yours possibly in the nude

with the thump thumps of your being

indicating all this as a prelude


A preface to humming beat stories

almost ghastly

almost soft and almost

just almost permanent


You stand disrobed all boyant

in your cool kid attire

and in hindsight

oh you are my hindsight

Unwilling as I am to step forward

My palms,as rough as they might be,they feel you slipping through

to golden, sparkly aroma


These high wells

have high walls

each tear a brick

and with every lesson more slippery


Don’t you stay at the bottom

scratch yourself onto my stone

stay imprinted and forgive me

Forgive that I refuse to unsee youwater-well


Sacred Sex & Magick; A Review

The Web PATH Center have created, a short, sweet and tangible guide to why Sex Magick is important and helpful to and for the Pagan community all over the world.

This Moon Books release instantly captivated me, its non biased outlook and thorough layout gives this one a fresh feel and has definitely set a new standard for anyone who dares approach this topic without being more than sufficiently equipped.

In a nut shell: Enjoyable, informative and spicy!515q13csOzL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_