Inktober : Day 1 – Mothers Of Africa

Dear everyone who got an awkward message from me yesterday in order to ask for photos of your mothers.

I am truly sorry if I overstepped any boundaries or seemed too forward.

Inktober doesn’t have themes as such, but because it is a 31 day art challenge I wanted to stay true to my style by sticking to a theme.

As children of this beautiful continent (though I, myself am an adopted daughter) ; we are all (to some extent) aware of the hardships that Africa’s mothers and daughters endure in order to fulfill their roles as queens and teachers. It may be true that parents all over the world go through hardships, but this isn’t about the rest of the world.

This is about those of you who have been a light in my life no matter how brief. To me, some few second memories are the best ones. Then there’s the realization that without your mothers – none of you would be here and my life would not have been the same at all. Each and every one of you have softened my falls, reminded me to look up and that I am not an oddity or a freak of nature. You have all taught me a bit about who you are as a individuals and also who we all are as humans.

So thank you Mamma (to all the moms out there) – thank you for your sacrifices, your selflessness, your strength, kindness and resilience, but most of all : thank you for your royal love and being.

Your biggest fan : Iva (aka : B. Levskey)

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