Heritage Day

Today is my last day


I manage to crawl off the bed that ceased to be coupled almost a decade ago

then land in my still relatively tiny bathroom, though my own physique seems to be shrinking by the second now

I look up at my reflection and I realise the purpose of mirrors

There is a headline,

my face

wrinkled and grey beneath its letters seems to unfold like an over ripe flower without ever having been touched

it says;

Heritage Day

I shuffle along until I trip over the now almost dry white board marker and I begin the list:

One: I inherited the dark lines of deceit off my mother’s core

Two: I learned how to live with being a liar

Three: I came as a foreign being full of love

Four: I was denied love but I’m still leaving filled with only those four letters

Five: Life was beautiful though the darkness is always the beginning of a new story

Six: I inherited the art

Seven: I will never forget


I rinse myself off and decide that it would be better to leave full of hope

After all

3 months before they expected me I was ready

13 years before I was

they weren’t

my family


The wardrobe whispered the call of majesty

I obeyed my longing eyes

past the dioors and my goodbye suit

I found the two letter phrase barely in disguise and I remembered why

Heritage day:

One: I learned how to judge myself better than anyone had ever judged me

Two: It wasn’t always sunny

Three: How to fake the smile through heartache

Four: How to cause the same

Five: My clothes are cheap

Six: I am unworthychocolat_l

Seven: I knew this each time we made eye contact… after all; we are self proclaimed judges


So neat, tidy and fresh I walk towards the lonely seat and the non functional tv

and on the top right hand corner of the screen

A phrase in white paint screams out at me

Heritage Day:

One: My skin colour murdered my first love

Two: I inherited the skill of not caring much for those attributes

Three: My father Died of a broken heart

Four: You saved mine

Five: Our life was puzzled together by vibes and muted sentences

Six: In the end, my quirks were irrelevant and your were my indica

Seven: I fell eternally asleep with the very thoughts that days and nights before had always haunted me.


Palm on palm now

My eye lids find their space

No tears left in me

My heritage day is eternal

and I only grew to know that the moment I looked into you!






Mother Goose or Mother Goddess – A Review Of Jeri Studebaker’s Latest Piece

For many, the Mother Goose character was simply an image that brought scents of warm bread and fresh soup into mind as little children sat tucked under a blanket with a book. However , for Jeri Studbaker it seemed just a little mysterious how it seemed to disguise the Mother Goddess (Mother Goose), at a time wBreaking The Mother Goose Codehen the montheistic churches were the rulers of Europe – what better way to preserve and pass down the culture of this deity than through stories for children, stories that shape so much of our character and who we end up in the long run?

If this notion stirs in you the ambition to find out more about this magical and wonderful possibility then I suggest that you definitely give Breaking the Mother Goose Code: How a Fairy-Tale Character Fooled the World for 300 Years by Jeri Studebaker a read. It took me a while to finish reading this jem simply because I did not want to get to the end, I wanted to keep being surprised for as long as possible. Alas! All things must end but the lessons we take from these things need never fade or get old.

It is very much like an encyclopedia on the topic of this hidden character beneath the character, we are given all the examples… the things that set the light bulb in your mind off and life simply cannot be as dull anymore,

I could go into the way Jeri explains the Nursery Rhyme or the different Deities and how they are represented by her, as I believe many other reviewers have done… In this review I could prove to myself that the message of the book has truly made an impact by taking you through her evidence, but then it takes away from the mystery of the notion, and that is a simple tragedy for any reader who finds his/herself in the midst of a magic as this book undoubtedly is.

So go on.

Find a few fairy tales… settle down with a cup of soup or tea, re-familiarize yourselves with Mother Goose and then: Let Jeri and Moon Books take you on the most comforting journey yet.